“Attitude reflects leadership, captain.” I was re-watching one

“Attitude reflects leadership, captain.” I was re-watching one of my favorite sports movies #rememberthetitans, I replayed this section over and over in my head. This four word statement says volumes. It’s not a management lesson, it’s a life lesson. We often make the mistake of thinking that our leadership opportunities are limited to our professional lives. In my world I stand as a leader to not only my colleagues and direct reports but to my students and staff that I come in contact with every day. I also stand as a leader to my children, my nieces and nephews, the young lady at the drive through and the gentleman that bags my groceries. What is my attitude not only toward them, but around them? How often do we catch ourselves expressing a less than positive attitude either physically or verbally around others? “Attitude reflects leadership, captain” is a bold statement. If you are seen as a leader, whether you see it or not, eyes are always watching you, and they will reflect what you project. What image are you projecting to those around you and how will it affect them? http://bit.ly/QmREwf

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