Don’t Sell Yourself Short

dont sell yourself short

So you got the interview, fantastic! Now the work really begins. Remember that getting a job is a full time job and the interview is just one mile on the journey.

Just to refresh on what to do next:

  • Research the organization thoroughly. Know who they are, what they stand for and how you can add value to that mission.
  • Have thoughtful questions prepared. Don’t ask about salary, hours, benefits or how many days you can be late before you get fired. (Yes I actually had someone ask me that question.)
  • Dress to impress, remember the point of the interview is to get the hiring manager to actually be able to visualize you doing the job. Don’t spoil the image with your Friday night best. You’re looking for a job not a date.
  • Have extra copies of your resume and references, smile, shake hands firmly, make good eye contact, speak clearly and make a personal connection to the position.
  • Finally, don’t sell yourself short!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve interviewed a candidate and their ability to clearly and articulately verbalize their skills, experience and enthusiasm is what kept them from being chosen. The best person to sell you to the hiring manager is YOU!

Letters of reference are great! Awards and certificates of achievement are fantastic! Any external documentation you have that demonstrates your abilities in an objective and positive light make sure you bring with you and discuss. If you can’t speak on your own behalf, however, the battle is lost.

Confidence is key! How often have you heard that phrase? I’m sure you’ve heard it A LOT. It’s very true, if you can’t hold your head high and let the hiring manager know, that you know your stuff, no one is going to do it for you. Besides, when you have to step into that role, you won’t have a herald trumpeting your skills ahead of you as you walk down the hallowed halls of your new organization.

If you can’t speak the language of your industry with confidence, know who you are and your value, and believe that you are the best choice for the job, how can you expect to convince the hiring manager of the same?

You are your own best advocate in the job search. Know what the going rate for your position is, understand and speak the terminology specific to that industry, hold your head high and be prepared to describe that not only can you do the job, but that no one can do it better.

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